Iron Plainsmen

The Iron Plainsmen Motorcycle Club is a Brotherhood of Law Enforcement Officers, Military Veteran's, their spouses, select friends and families, who share a common love for motorcycles and the open road.  Our Club was founded to promote the enjoyment of owning and riding motorcycles.  Our Club was founded on the principles of Camaraderie, Professionalism, Loyalty and Dedication.  We are dedicated and loyal to our Club, to each other, to each other's families and to our profession.

The following fact is the cornerstone of our philosophy.  We are Law Enforcement Officers and we conduct ourselves accordingly.  We ride in formation and abide by our By-Laws.  We are here to assist fallen Officers and their families in their times of need.

Our goal is to explore and ride the many scenic roads of our beautiful country.  Any activities performed or sponsored by the Iron Plainsmen M.C. will be lawful






       Hazzmatt - Vice President

Spike - Sgt. at Arms





                  Lil J-Captain




               Tinman  -Lieutenant


  Butters - Road Captain                                              Thumper - Road Capatain